Pressure Washing

Wahlen Works has been providing high-quality pressure washing services since 1971.  We have the experience and knowledge to perform a variety of services.  All of our pressure washers are hot water units and we have years of experience with many different kinds of chemicals.  Our knowledge of equipment, processes, and chemicals will deliver the results that you desire in a professional and efficient manner.

We can assist you in minimizing the environmental impact of pressure washing as well.  We have the equipment to recover wastewater as well as other measures that can be taken.

Parking Facilties

  • Whether it is a commercial parking structure or underground parking garage, a regular pressure washing is an extremely important maintenance procedure in our climate. If the winter salt is left unattended, it can penetrate the concrete surface and start degrading the structure. In addition to the structural preservation, the result is an aesthetically pleasing appearance. No more oil stains, dirt piles, or beverage stains that occupants of the facility are forced to walk through. The result will be a clean, odorless area with no dust or debris detracting from the quality of the facility. We have the flexibility and capability to perform the washing efficiently and on our customers’ schedule, any day of the week and at any time.
  • We can also package our cleaning with concrete sealing and pavement marking to save you money. Having one vendor do all of the work saves you time, money, and eliminates coordination with several vendors to complete the project.

Car Wash Facilities

  • When a car is washed in an automatic car wash, it looks great when it exits. Where do the dirt and chemicals used to clean the car go? It would be nice to think that it all goes down the drain, but anyone who owns or operates a car wash facility knows that this is not the case. The dirt and chemicals end up on the walls, the floor, and your expensive equipment. We have the equipment and knowledge of chemicals to clean the soap scum and dirt from your car wash to help keep you operational and give your customers a positive visual impact.

Fleet Washing

  • Image is important for companies with fleets to maintain. Whether you are a service provider, shipping and delivery, or passenger transport, you want your customers to know that you will treat their cargo with the same care that you treat your own equipment. Maintaining a clean fleet of vehicles gives a positive impression of your company.
  • In addition to the aesthetics of clean vehicles, regular washing helps minimize vehicle costs in the long run. Not only does keeping salt off of vehicles preserve the body of the unit, it also helps you identify any potential issues related to leaking fluids. Also, showing your drivers that you care about your vehicles influences them to also care and treat the equipment accordingly. It is truly an investment in your fleet and your company.
  • We have the equipment and personnel to clean your fleet of vehicles in your off hours so we do not interrupt your business, and we can perform the cleaning at a reasonable price.

Graffiti Removal

  • When your property gets tagged with graffiti; the best thing to do is remove it as quickly as possible. If the people performing the vandalism see that the tag will not last and they are wasting their time and money, the frequency will decrease. We have the chemicals and equipment to remove graffiti tags from masonry services without having to paint over it. We also have the proper personnel to remove the graffiti in a timely manner.

Industrial Equipment

  • Whether it is construction equipment or production equipment, it is important to maintain the cleanliness of your investment. A regular cleaning makes it easy to identify oil leaks or grease coming out of joints that it shouldn’t be. Don’t let small problems become big, expensive problems.

Sidewalk Cleaning

  • Make a good first impression to visitors of your facility. No one wants to walk through old gum or see unsightly beverage spills by refuse receptacles. We can come to your facility in off hours and perform the cleaning without interfering with your operations.

Truck Scale Cleaning

  • In the winter months, snow and ice can build up under truck scales and cause them not to function properly. We are trusted by many scale companies in the area to help them maintain their customers’ equipment. We also work with many quarries in the area to keep dirt from building up under their scales, causing inaccurate weights and lost revenue. If you suspect that buildup under your scale is causing inaccurate readings, we can help.

Milwaukee Area Pressure Washing Services

Porta Service adds an extra cleaning power boost that puts the sparkle and shine back into residential and commercial exteriors. Our carefully developed pressure washing techniques, high-performance equipment and competent and efficient cleaning crew provide outstanding results.

With the skills and equipment to pressure wash a wide range of Milwaukee locales, Porta Service uses cleaning methods that produce outstanding results without harming the environment or disturbing surrounding property.

Commercial Pressure Washing

  • Commercial and industrial complexes
  • Business storefronts, entryways and walkways
  • Signage and awnings
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Truck & trailer fleets
  • Roadways and ramps
  • Parking lots
  • Outdoor restaurants and commercial patios and decks
  • Valet and Foyer areas
  • Government buildings
  • Delivery truck bays
  • Industrial equipment
Wahlen Works has done an amazing job with our fleet. We've worked with them for the past 15 years and have had a great experience.

Joe H.

Mike S.

The Wahlen team is the best on the business. They have done an excellent job maintaining and marking our lots.
Kurt & Jim are great to work with. They get the job the done and are great at what they do.

Samantha W.




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