new parking lot striping

If you’re a commercial property owner, a parking lot with freshly painted, clearly marked lines is almost as good as the smell of a brand new automobile. But that freshly painted look is hard to remember after a long winter of snow and snowplows, when your parking lines look as faded as a ten-year old

According to Greg Neiderer, Principal and Director of Restoration for Walker Consultants, a leading parking consultant in the United States, “Some parking facility owners and operators believe that as long as their structures continue to serve the public, few maintenance-related tasks need to be performed. Nothing could be further from the truth.” In a case

Caring for your parking lot or garage is a huge component of building maintenance. As mentioned in a previous post, it influences the first impression your customer has when they arrive at your facility. At Wahlen, we have over 40 years of experience keeping parking lots and garages in tip top shape and recommend the

When a customer approaches your business, their first stop is often your parking lot or garage and the outside structure of your building. Like it or not, appearances matter. When public and private spaces aren’t clean, visitors can get the impression that a place is neglected. Seeing that the outside of a business is neglected




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