Wahlen Works offers all-inclusive pavement and ground marking services. Our team has over 50 years experience in marking of sorts including parking lot stalls, handicap areas, roadways, walkways, event grounds and more. We harness the latest in paint and spray technology to complete each job with precision accuracy and efficiency.

Wahlen Works can assist you in minimizing the environmental impact of pressure washing as well.  We have the equipment to recover wastewater as well as other measures that can be taken.

Wahlen Corp obtained All Pavement Marking in 2011.  All Pavement Marking, owned by Eleanora Poad since 1996, provides parking lot striping and painting, playground painting, sign installation, parking stop installation, and interior industrial striping.  Eleanora’s daughter, Barb Helker, remained with the company and still runs the day to day operations along with Kurt Wahlen and Jim Wahlen.

Parking Lot Striping and Painting

  • Whether it is brand new asphalt, freshly seal coated, or existing lines that need to be re-painted, we do it all. We can work with you to meet ADA reuirements and maximize the efficiency of your parking area. We have the knowledge of different paints that can be used to best suit your needs. Our stencil inventory is expansive so we can label stalls to meet your needs. We have many sizes of letters and numbers, as well as specific franchise stencils that are required, and we can truly customize your lot as you see fit. We have the equipment and personnel to complete the work in your off hours so we do not interrupt your operations.

Interior Industrial Striping

  • Interior Industrial Striping We have access to many different types of paint in unlimited colors to meet your interior striping needs. Whether it is required OSHA lines for your facility, or simply for organizational purposes, we can advise you on the best paint to use and work with you to schedule the painting without disrupting your business.

Playground Painting

  • We have the knowledge and experience to paint many different types of playground activities. From basketball courts, kickball diamonds and tracks to hop scotch, foursquare, and maps, we can do it all! Let us know what size the area is you have to work with and what you are looking to achieve and we will provide you with a playground that can be enjoyed by children with all interests.

Parking Stop Installation

  • If you have stalls next to areas that you do not want cars to either hit or drive on, parking stops are a must for your facility. Whether you want durable concrete stops, or aesthetically pleasing rubber stops, we can install them to help minimize the risk to these areas.
  • In addition to the aesthetics of clean vehicles, regular washing helps minimize vehicle costs in the long run. Not only does keeping salt off of vehicles preserve the body of the unit, it also helps you identify any potential issues related to leaking fluids. Also, showing your drivers that you care about your vehicles influences them to also care and treat the equipment accordingly. It is truly an investment in your fleet and your company.
  • We have the equipment and personnel to clean your fleet of vehicles in your off hours so we do not interrupt your business, and we can perform the cleaning at a reasonable price.

Sign Installation

  • Whether it be Handicapped Parking, Reserved, Traffic Control, or customized signage, we can provide the sign and install it on your choice of pole or surface. We can replace sun-faded signs to improve the appearance of your facility. We can also use stainless fasteners upon request to eliminate the unsightly rust stains that form over time on your signs.
Wahlen Works has done an amazing job with our fleet. We've worked with them for the past 15 years and have had a great experience.

Joe H.

Mike S.

The Wahlen team is the best on the business. They have done an excellent job maintaining and marking our lots.
Kurt & Jim are great to work with. They get the job the done and are great at what they do.

Samantha W.





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